Escape Game Curacao

The most fun activity
to discover Willemstad

Are you up for the challange!?

An escape game designed to explore Curaçao in a fun and challenging way. It's like a walking tour and escape room in one!
This is what you can expect from the escape game

Test your puzzle skills

Fun and challenging puzzles. The puzzles you see in escape rooms but now in a fun and challenging walking tour through Willemstad!

Completely at your own pace

The game takes about 1.5 - 2 hours. Everything is within walking distance, no car needed! Play with your own group of 2-6 people. Are you going for the high score!?

Discover new things in the city

See the most iconic things Curacao has to offer in Willemstad. Get fun facts and information about the places you visit.

No internet needed

No internet is needed during the game. You just need to download the app from the Playstore or the Apple Store.

How does it work?

It’s super simple. Reserve the game you want to play and receive your unique code and all the information you need by email. Download the application (internet required once) and go to the starting location indicated in the e-mail. Enter the code and you’re ready to play! Follow the clues and solve the puzzles. No internet is needed to play!


During the game you will visit the most iconic places Curaçao Willemstad has to offer, while also getting fun facts and information about the places you visit.


You pay per group of 2-6 persons €35,-/$40,-/70 NAF

If you have a company outing, you can order multiple games.


Curious which escape games we have? Check it out below!

Our escape games

Punda (Most popular)

Discover the most beautiful places in Punda. Get to know the hidden gems and get background information about the places you visit!

Otrobanda (NEW)

The game to discover Otrobanda is now live! Get to know the hidden gems and get background information about the places you visit!

All useful information at a glance


2-6 people. We recommend 2-4 people for an optimal experience


1.5 hours - 2 hours. Playable at any time of the day and no guide required

Price per group

€35,-/$40,-/70 NAF

Playable on

Iphone en Android


You only need internet once to download the application and to start the game

Multiple groups

Playable with several groups at the same time: make it a competition!

Company outing

You can also use the escape game for a company outing. The game is perfect for company team building. We therefore recommend a maximum of 4 people per group.


This is how easy it is to organize your company outing for your company: reserve the number of escape games you need. Receive the information mail and the unique codes for the number of groups you have reserved. Forward the information email to the teams and give each team a unique code. Have each group start at least 10 minutes apart so that groups don’t look off each other and follow each other. The race can begin! Which team will finish first!?

should you have any questions

We have made a list of the most frequently asked questions. There is a good chance that your question is also included. Click the button below to view them. Is your question not among our most frequently asked questions? Please contact us via the contact page.


I've been living on Curacao for a while and I thought 'I've seen everything from Punda', but when I played this escape game it turned out I was wrong! We came to places that I would otherwise have walked past. The puzzles were challenging. Would recommend!  

Escape Game Curacao
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