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Discover the most beautiful places in Punda. Get to know the hidden gems and get background information about the places you visit! A must do on Curacao.

Otrobanda (coming soon)

Discover the most beautiful places in Otrobanda. Get to know the hidden gems and get to know the most beautiful murals in this escape game!

Handig om te weten

Why escape game Curaçao?

The escape game of Curaçao was founded by an escape room owner. It all started in the Netherlands where 3 escape rooms were built, 2 of which are currently in the top 50 of the Benelux!

How does it work?

It’s super simple. Reserve the game you want to play and get your unique code. Download the application (internet required once) and go to the starting location indicated in the email. Enter the code and you’re ready to play! Follow the clues and solve the puzzles. No internet is required to play the game.

5+ years of escape room experience

5 star rating on Tripadvisor

Easy to use

Challenging puzzles

Escape Game Curacao
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